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Annual Report

Dear Community,

2022 represented a year of transformation for Learn Fresh. Since our founding over ten years ago, our organization has always represented a bigger vision to engage students through their passions outside of the classroom. We have always seen Learn Fresh as something that represents more than just one sport, industry, or product. I am proud to say that we are achieving significant steps to bring this vision to life.

Personally, the highlight of 2022 was in Los Angeles, California at Dodger Stadium. The previous day, our team hosted the inaugural MLB Players STEM League All-Star Championship with students representing the Los Angeles community and states including Arizona, Hawaii, and Texas. The event was a special one, as it was the first time that we were leveraging a new program to bring students together from diverse communities across America and it delivered all the fun and excitement that we have come to expect from a Learn Fresh experience.

The STEM League has been an extra special project for our team, as it has leveraged the talents of many of our community’s most supportive members. The STEM League game is the product of Tim Scheidt and Jim Fina’s work, an extension built upon previous iterations of their baseball learning experience. Tim and Jim are also the creators of the NBA Math Hoops game and have been Learn Fresh partners since our founding. Our MLB Players Trust partnership is the product of over seven years of collaboration with Amy Hever, the Trust’s Director, who first launched our Math Hoops program in Philadelphia while leading the Sixers Youth Foundation. From all angles, the project is representative of a true Learn Fresh collaboration.

As I sat in Dodger Stadium watching the Home Run Derby with our STEM League Championship-winning students, our first-ever ESPN feature was airing on TV. The 60-second spot showcased the previous day’s event, alongside footage of our students meeting MLB superstars Mookie Betts and Pete Alonso (and can be viewed later in this report). Within three hours after the feature had aired, over 200 educators had gone out of their way to email our team and our MLBPA partners for information about the program.

Like no other, this kind of response demonstrates the power of our community. Educators and students nationwide are starved for learning experiences that are authentic, that build confidence, and that inspire young people to explore the world. As funders and community leaders across the education sector call for a different approach to math education, we continue to lead the way in providing a scalable model for the next generation of learning that fuses the learning space with the world around the student.

Over the next year, you can continue to expect innovation from the Learn Fresh team. We have recently finalized a new partnership with Major League Soccer and will launch our MLS STEM Goals program by 2024. Our new EcoTour experience, which allows students to explore financial and environmental literacy by designing an artist’s nationwide tour, will enter a pilot launch by June 2023. We are excited to continue building upon our vision for the future of education with these new experiences, while strengthening and expanding the foundation of NBA Math Hoops, which continues to drive our growth domestically and abroad.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Learn Fresh! Over the next year, I invite you to engage with our community as we continue to build a leading role in the future of education.

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Nick Monzi

CEO & Co-Founder

Learn Fresh is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing innovative STEM learning experiences that empower educators and inspire students.

Through community, play, and rigorous exploration, Learn Fresh programs leverage students’ passion for sports and entertainment to inspire their STEM and social-emotional learning while exposing students to STEM careers and the real-world applications of their learning.

Students playing NBA Math Hoops in Learn Fresh logo

Since our founding, Learn Fresh has explicitly focused on achieving equitable representation across the STEM pipeline for girls, students of color, and those living in low-income communities.

To date, programming has engaged over 700,000 students and over 7,000 educators across the US and beyond. Learn Fresh partners with over 30 professional sports organizations to create an authentic and immersive experience for our students.

By the Numbers

By the Numbers

By the Numbers

By the Numbers


students served in 2021-22


students served all time (as of January 2023)


educators trained 2021-22 (as of January 2023)


of students served from low-income communities

Students bringing hands together in a field

Third-party studies of NBA Math Hoops showed that program participants had:

Student on basketball court


gains in math fluency

Students playing NBA Math Hoops


improvement with higher-order math skills related to stats and data analysis

Students and teachers at basketball court


growth in key attributes like leadership, grit, and resilience







NBA Math Hoops is a comprehensive community program, digital and physical board games, mobile app, and classroom curriculum.

Initially developed in the classroom of a math educator in Southern California, the program is now implemented in partnership with the NBA, WNBA, NBPA, WNBPA, and a majority of teams across both leagues. NBA Math Hoops develops students’ algebra readiness prior to entering high school while strengthening fundamental social-emotional skills through team-based gameplay. Community events form a key part of the program experience, exposing students to the real world applications of their learning through tournaments and STEM activations.

The 2023 NBA Math Hoops Global Championship, the flagship event of the program, will take place in New York City in June in conjunction with the NBA Draft, offering an immersive, three-day experience for students drawn from regional programs across the U.S. and internationally.

Launched in partnership with the MLB Players Trust, MLB Players STEM League is a baseball-inspired program for middle-school age youth.

The program brings to life the energy of the sport through a board game and curriculum that cultivate students’ math and social-emotional skills. The program is free for youth-development organizations and schools of all types, helping thousands of young people build new skills, confidence, and a passion for learning through a fun and engaging program rooted in sport. MLB Players STEM League features several annual championship events, which are transformative opportunities for students to celebrate and connect with peers in their community.

The 2022 MLB Players Trust STEM League All-Star Championship offered students an exciting, multi-day experience during All-Star week in Los Angeles, and an ESPN segment aired during the Home Run Derby highlighted the program, partnership, and student experience at the tournament, leading to a national response from interested educators. The 2023 MLB Players Trust STEM League All-Star Championship will take place in Seattle in July, again in conjunction with All-Star Week.

Students working on STEM Goals

STEM Goals is a new Learn Fresh program that leverages the game of soccer to engage students with STEM and social-emotional learning.

The community-based program is built around a simulated soccer game that targets 5th and 6th graders with grade-appropriate, standards-aligned questions across science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines, with a particular focus on sustainability and renewable energy. Students work up and down the field to score goals using player stats, and chance and action cards give students the opportunity to learn more about soccer.

The program is currently being piloted in Sacramento, CA in partnership with Sacramento Republic FC of the USL Championship, Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District, and through support from a STEM Action Grant from the Society For Science.

As part of the NBA Cares State Farm Assist Tracker, the NBA and State Farm® have teamed up to help impact communities across the country by donating $5 for every assist made in NBA games.

Since 2018, Learn Fresh has facilitated the NBA Cares State Farm Youth Assist Tracker Challenge by developing STEM-related curricula for participating schools and facilitating the grant-making process for the program. Grants support the development of STEM learning spaces and experiences within awarded schools and out-of-school time partners.

Students walking into a building

Since 2019, the initiative has resulted in $945,000 donated to schools and out-of-school time programs across the country, including $225,000 in 2022. The $100,000 grand prize winner in 2022 was The Boys & Girls Clubs of Harlem, a dedicated implementation partner for the NBA Math Hoops program.

Math Hits is a Learn Fresh program implemented in partnership with the New York Mets, the Amazin' Mets Foundation, and Berdon LLP on the East Coast and the Oakland Athletics and PwC on the West Coast.

The baseball-based program features a board game and eight-session curriculum designed to engage students in grades 4-6. Students in Math Hits sign a sportsmanship contract, draft a team, compete in "baseball" games on the game board, and challenge their peers for the championship title, all while developing fundamental math and social-emotional skills. Community-based events provide exciting opportunities to connect with other program sites and bring the learning to life.

Students playing Math Hits at a table
Speakers talking at Learn Fresh Fellowship for Culturally Inclusive Education

The Learn Fresh Fellowship for Culturally Inclusive Education aims to increase representation of curriculum writers of color within the mainstream American education system.

The fellowship invites educators to create and broadly share standards-aligned curricula that authentically represent the cultural, ethnic, and racial identities of their communities. Throughout the experience, fellows work closely with the Learn Fresh team to develop and refine a self-defined project that falls within the bounds of the fellowship’s mission.

The project can focus on any content area or grade level. In conjunction with our existing community of education, program, and philanthropic partners, we provide spaces for educators to refine, test, and promote their new work.

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I have been an educator in partnership with Learn Fresh for the last five years. This organization is a phenomenal organization that I have been extremely fortunate enough to work alongside. The programs that they offer are targeted, easy to learn, and extremely fun!

During the last week [the MLB Players STEM League], my students competed for a spot to represent our branch at the Tournament held in Los Angeles during All-star weekend. We were able to send two boys, brothers Aiden and Aaron Musgrove, to compete. The weekend of the tournament was like a movie for the students, and they competed rigorously against the other teams. The tournament concluded with our boys, the "AA Boys," taking the first ever championship! The moment I saw those boys standing up there receiving their jersey and trophy, it brought a huge smile to my face. I couldn't have been more grateful for Learn Fresh and the MLB Players Trust for presenting this opportunity, not only to my students, but the students across the country that came to compete.

Michael Luck, Educator

Guadalupe Boys & Girls Club of the Valley

Programs like yours (NBA Math Hoops) give me the research base and the tangible evidence that afterschool doesn’t have to look like the school day. As a matter of fact, the school day should look more like afterschool.

Shawn Petty

TX ACE Programming

Shawn Petty headshot

Jayden is excited and honored to represent Texas and compete at this level. He has shown me how to play NBA Math Hoops. He loves it and I’m so proud of him and his achievement.

Shaunda Pryor

NBA Math Hoops Parent

A.M. Story Intermediate School student Jayden Pryor was selected out of 150,000 students to compete June 10-12 in the 2022 NBA Math Hoops National Championship in Philadelphia. This is the first year a student was selected from Texas to represent the Texas ACE Math Hoops program.

To read more about Jayden's journey to the NBA Math Hoops National Championship, click here.

Photo of Jayden Pryor

Playing Math Hoops at a feverish pace has not only ignited our students' love for basketball, but also improved their math skills simultaneously. This was such an amazing experience and our ASP is excited to continue the work of serving our students at Markham.

Moses Omolade, Educator

After School Coordinator, Bay Area Community Resources, Oakland, California

Making a video, it was like reality setting in: 3,000 other students just submitted their videos, so why would they pick me? So I was starstruck when they picked me to be a part of the National Championship, because they had so many other options and they saw something in me. I appreciate Math Hoops for doing that.

Daivion Smith

NBA Math Hoops Alumnus

Daivion Smith attended the first NBA Math Hoops National Championship in 2017 as a seventh grader, where he represented the Detroit Pistons Math Hoops program and his middle school, Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences. We caught up with Daivion earlier this year to discuss the impact of NBA Math Hoops and the National Championship experience for an episode of the Learn Fresh Podcast.

The Learn Fresh model draws on intimate, cross-sector collaboration to drive sustained STEAM learning in low-income communities across the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Latin America.

In 2022, we implemented programming in partnership with 30 individual teams across the NBA, WNBA, MLB, USL Championship, Australian Football League, and Australian Basketball League.

Group of students near a board game

These teams provided everything from funding to intimate knowledge of local communities, and are crucial in providing authenticity and immersion to Learn Fresh program experiences. Our two national programs, NBA Math Hoops and MLB Players STEM League, are grounded by core partnerships with Hasbro, Getty Images, NBA Cares, and MLB Players Trust.

Learn Fresh implementation partners provide access to the crux of the Learn Fresh model: educators. These partners include hundreds of community-based organizations and education providers, from major urban school districts to state afterschool networks, charter school networks, city parks and recreation departments, and international NGOs. They assist in recruiting educators to deliver direct programming in classrooms and out-of-school time environments, and help provide engaging STEAM learning experiences that bring Learn Fresh programs to life.

Students on a basketball court

Implementation partnerships exist on many levels: some are hyper-local (like individual schools), others are city level (i.e. large urban districts, citywide organizations), state level (state afterschool networks), and a few national (i.e. Boys & Girls Clubs of America). This model allows us to directly serve the students and communities in our target demographic in partnership with the people and organizations who know those communities, allowing us to tailor regional NBA Math Hoops programs to the unique education landscape of each community.

NBA Math Hoops programming is supported by core partnerships with Hasbro, the NBA/WNBA and NBPA/WNBPA, and Getty Images. Hasbro produces all NBA Math Hoops board games as an in-kind donation along with additional cash funding, and NBA/WNBA and NBPA/WNBPA provide licenses granting us use of player and team likenesses and branding. Getty Images also provides Learn Fresh a substantial royalty-free license that grants use of photos for all NBA Math Hoops program materials.

Learn Fresh is grateful to partner with incredible organizations around the world to bring our programs to life. Our partners help ensure our programming is accessible to students and educators, and allow us to scale our work to new heights. Thank you to all of our partners for your commitment and continued support.


As one of Learn Fresh’s most committed foundation partners, Overdeck Family Foundation has supported the scaling of the NBA Math Hoops program over the past three years, with a special focus on research and evaluation.

In 2023, Overdeck confirmed a 3-year, $3 million grant, the largest contribution in Learn Fresh history. Honest and open dialogue have anchored our relationship with Overdeck, and we have created spaces to share learnings publicly.

Earlier this summer, we featured Overdeck staff Uchenna Ezibe and Gemma Lenowitz on an episode of the Learn Fresh Podcast, where we explored the landscape of STEM education in the afterschool space and the critical importance of funding exceptional learning opportunities for students. Both Uchenna and Gemma have participated in Learn Fresh-organized panel discussions at national conferences, including the 2022 National Summer Learning Association Conference and the 2023 Beyond School Hours Conference.

These conversations have convened other key stakeholders in Learn Fresh’s work–including MLB Players Trust and Texas ACE–to explore the qualities of strong community partnerships, the importance of research and data collection in achieving program scale, and the role of philanthropy in supporting education.

In 2022, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company awarded Learn Fresh a three-year, seven-figure grant.

The grant came through Takeda’s Social Responsibility Program in the U.S. under their “Promoting Greater Educational Equity” program, and represents the second largest financial commitment in Learn Fresh history. The grant will support the global scaling of the NBA Math Hoops program, as well as the growth of programming around Cambridge, Massachusetts and the city of Boston, where Takeda operates its U.S. headquarters.

Learn Fresh has partnered with the MLB Players Trust in an effort to harness the impact of the Learn Fresh program model in the baseball space. As the official charity of the Major League Baseball Players Association, the MLB Players Trust is dedicated to amplifying the positive impact that MLB Players have on the lives of those around them.

Through this partnership, we have created MLB Players STEM League, the second Learn Fresh program to launch on a national scale.

With the support of local schools and community organizations, MLB Players STEM League assists thousands of young people throughout the United States, Latin America, and beyond in building confidence and a passion for learning. Over the past several months, Learn Fresh has been implementing the MLB Players STEM League in Colombia in partnership with Project Béisbol, an organization that works to combine baseball with education and cultural exchange to foment positive social change in Latin America and empower young leaders. Since the launch of MLB Players STEM League, we have hosted community tournament events in Nassau, Bahamas, and Cúcuta and Bogotá, Colombia, as well as the inaugural MLB Players STEM League Championship during MLB All-Star Week in Los Angeles.

Learn Fresh participated in the AT&T Aspire Accelerator back in 2017, and the partnership has grown ever since.

During the pandemic, AT&T supported digital product development, helping jumpstart Learn Fresh’s COVID-19 response and paved the way for evolved NBA Math Hoops program participation, and also helped to develop NBA Math Breaks, a social media series designed to provide students with math learning through the game of basketball.

In 2023, we’ve teamed up with AT&T again to create math content for The Achievery, a free digital learning platform designed to make distance learning more engaging, entertaining, and inspiring for K-12 students. The new series of NBA-focused math lessons features Learn Fresh’s Coach Calvin and targets young learners, using NBA statistics and culture to teach basic math concepts such as decimals, fractions, averages, and probability.

Implementation Partners

2022 saw the first NBA Math Hoops program implementation on the African continent through a partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa and with support from NBA Africa.

Seven Club sites across Johannesburg participated in the Math Hoops season across the first two semesters of the school year with two age groups, Juniors and Teens. The season culminated with the Johannesburg City Championship.

"We held the League Finals at our most central club in Maraisburg. The Eastern Conference was represented by our Metro Teams—Alexandra, Vrededorp, and Mariasburg—while the Western Conference was represented by our Soweto teams—Mofolo, Pimville, Sekoana Secondary School and Protea Glen. In total, there were 52 kids and 26 teams representing 6 Clubs and 1 Club Without Walls."

"The season was fun for the kids and became competitive as the children became more confident. We found that NBA Math Hoops came at a crucial time for our children’s confidence. This was the first time in 2022 that the club members would be attending school regularly since the COVID-19 lockdown. Our students mostly attend government schools and don't have access to online learning. During lockdown, our kids would attend school maybe once or twice a week, depending on their grade. With the lack of school attendance many children were not comfortable with the new grades and risked falling behind. Math Hoops and several of our other programs allowed the kids to gain confidence in their math skills in the safe competitive space of their Club. We used aids like multiplication and division tables to ensure that the kids gained confidence and didn’t feel like the game was a continual test. Once they had a feel for the game, we allowed them to play and compete without the aids. The students enjoyed the competitive nature that was the Math Hoops Season."

Texas Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) provides no-cost activities before and after school and during summer for students in Title I schools, specializing in interactive, hands-on learning disguised as fun and aligned with school curricula.

Learn Fresh partnered with Texas ACE for the first time during the 2020-21 NBA Math Hoops season, and programming expanded rapidly: Out of over 6,000 NBA Math Hoops students in Texas, 48 TX ACE educators and 2,641 students participated in the program last year. Jayden Pryor, a student from A.M. Story Intermediate School in Palestine ISD, was one of two students from Texas selected to attend the 2022 NBA Math Hoops National Championship in Philadelphia.

Bay Area Community Resources has been a committed partner since January 2015 with the launch of the Warriors Math Hoops program.

As an organization, BACR provides a range of services to schools and programs community "centers across the San Francisco Bay Area, supporting expanded learning, behavioral and mental health, workforce and reentry, and school-based health centers.

BACR afterschool programs serve more than 15,000 students from some of the most vulnerable Bay Area communities, including a high percentage of Spanish-speaking youth with families from Central and South America. Two BACR students, twins Angela and Patricia Rodas, were the winners of the inaugural NBA Math Hoops National Championship, which took place in partnership with the Golden State Warriors in 2017. Angela and Patricia are the subjects of the 2018 mini-documentary, "An NBA Math Hoops Story."

National Implementation Partners

https://annualreport.learnfresh.org/volumes/static/BGCA.svg https://annualreport.learnfresh.org/volumes/static/YMCA.svg https://annualreport.learnfresh.org/volumes/static/CityYear.svg

The NBA Math Hoops National Championship returned to an in-person format for the first time since 2019 as the Philadelphia 76ers welcomed Learn Fresh for the 2022 edition in June.

Student playing NBA Math Hoops

28 students representing 18 regional NBA Math Hoops programs descended on Philadelphia for a weekend of competition, learning, and fun.

Programming highlights from the weekend included a session with Mitchell & Ness, a college campus visit to the University of Pennsylvania, an activation with Hasbro, and a STEM panel and basketball statistics workshop with 76ers staff at the team’s practice facility. Final Round competition took place in the 76ers Business Office at the team’s complex in Camden, NJ, along with an Art and Sport learning session with renowned Philadelphia artist King Saladeen.

In order to qualify for application to the National Championship, students must play a minimum of 25 games of NBA Math Hoops and complete 10 curriculum units over the course of the program season, which runs from October through the Spring. Students must also display a high degree of growth through the program, a dedication to practicing good sportsmanship, and an ability to overcome adversity either inside or outside the classroom. Students meeting these criteria are nominated by their program educator to apply, and attendees are selected from the pool of applicants.


Krish Veluthakkal - Golden State Warriors Math Hoops (Educator: Mani Veluthakkal)

Jasmine Rodriguez - Golden State Warriors Math Hoops (Dorene Fontanilla)


Edward McLellan - Seattle Storm Math Hoops Presented by AT&T (Conor Ike & Justin Leong)

Jude Hedeen - Portland Trail Blazers Math Hoops (Home School)

Sportsmanship Winners:

Jocelyn Mata - LA Clippers Math Hoops (Joe Diaz)

Jude Hedeen - Portland Trail Blazers Math Hoops

Isabelle Shumway - Utah Jazz Math Hoops (Austin Alm)

Allan Quijas-Juarez - Denver Nuggets Math Hoops (Imad Ridha)

Silas Gilliard - Philadelphia 76ers Math Hoops (Joy Bryson)